How to update disks firmware on Dell EqualLogic storage

Si tratta di una banalità 🙂

You just have to download from the site (of course you have to have an account to login…) the package “Hard Disk Drive Firmware Update Utility v X.X” section “Recommended PS Series Hard Disk Drive Firmware”. You can download it in .zip or .tgz format if you download the .zip file you have to extract the .tgz conteined inside.

At this point connect by FTP to the management ip of the equallogic member with grpadmin credentials and copy the .tgz file in the root directory

After the upload connect in SSH to the management ip of the member and give the command “update”, at this point follow the wizard that will check the uploaded file and will offer you the list of the disks to be updated. Confirm that you want to update them and wait a few minutes for the operation to finish.

Important note: updating the disks firmware does not involve stops or disruption of the storage and volumes.


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  1. Can you use this option on disk’s without the Dell signature firmware – 3rd party disk (though also Seagate, same size, model number etc.)

    Looking forward to hear from you

    • Uhm I don’t have experience about that but non Dell disks are not supported by equallogic. and I think that if you try to use them they will not be correctly recognised by the storage.

        • Mh no I don’t think so because to check for the possibility to upgrade the disk firmware the disk must be correctly seen/managed by the storage first. So you’ll never have the possibility to upgrade a non Dell disk.