How to import and use an SSL certificate on a vmware horizon view connection server or security server

Here's how to import an SSL certificate in a connection server (the procedure is identical for the security server). This mini guide assumes that you already have a certificate that contains the private key so in a .pfx or .p12 format.

1) Connect to the connection server (or security server) on which you want to import the certificate

2) Open the MMC and add the plugin to manage the computer's certificate and select “Local computer” to connect to the local computer:



3) Go in Certificates > Personal > Certificates. Here you should see the certificate of the connection server service that has been self-generated during the installation, It should be called as the machine name. To import the new certificate: Right in the column that shows the certificates All tasks > Import. Import the certificate with all the default options…. next, next, next. After the import the just imported certificate must appear with the icon containing the key. If the certificate contains multiple certificates (such intermediate ca certificates) They might appear there more certificates after the import.


4) Ok now we have the certificate and, to use it, Just click on it with the right button and open its properties. You have to enter as “Friendly name” the string “vdm” (as shown in the image) and save.



5) Open the properties of self-generated certificate, and modify the voice “Friendly name” into something different (for example “vdm_old”).

6) Last step: just restart the view services or simply restart the server!

If you want to verify it you just connect trough https to the server ip address by a browser and check that the certificate in use is actually the correct one.




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