How to reset the password grpadmin Dell EqualLogic

In case you missed the administrative password of the equallogic grpadmin user (serious thing…) there is still a way to reset it, to do this you will still need to contact Dell support and these are the steps to follow:

1) Connect a serial cable to the active controller

2) At the prompt that requires the “Login:” enter this command: “recoverpassword” and press return

3) The command will output the firmware of the eql and a challenge id to tell the Dell Support operator (this should be done when you are on the phone with support because after a while the challenge expires and must be renewed)

4) Support will communicate the id of response that must be inserted at the prompt

5) After the response have been added you will get access to the console and at that point you will have to enter this command: “account select grpadmin passwd” and enter the new password twice.


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