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  1. Gerold Gruber
    Gerold Gruber 5 February 2016 beim 23:32 |

    same issue here with fresh set up 3 hosts vsphere6 landscape

  2. mikemike6193353
    mikemike6193353 17 February 2017 beim 14:40 |

    remove the host from the cluster and re add it

  3. Rakesh
    Rakesh 4 May 2017 beim 5:36 |

    If the service agent of an esxi is down, what will be its status in vsphere client?

  4. Bill
    Bill 14 February 2018 beim 16:51 |

    I had the same issue, and was able to resolve it by 1. turn off HA 2. disconnect the host. 3. reconnect the host. 4 turn HA back on for the cluster.

  5. Vic
    Vic 12 November 2018 beim 4:48 |

    Same problem herein our case it turned out to be caused by old data in the hosts file on each of the hosts. When we were on a Windows vCenter we had multiple IP’s (1 for inbound RDP sessions / management traffic and 1 on the same vlan as the hostsservice consoles). When you migrate to a VCSA you can only use a single IP which is the one in DNS.


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