“Veeam Free complete backup script” for vmware host

OK I had some’ free time in recent days and, since I was intrigued by the possibility to schedule the “zip backup” of the free Veeam 8 version with patch 2.0 just released, I decided to create a script to completely backup all the virtual machine managed by a vmware host. All you have to do is enter the correct parameters and schedule script execution with the windows task scheduler.

VeeamFree complete backup script



1) A windows server on which to execute the script

2) A licensed vmware host (free versions are not supported as they don't have APIs to manage backups enabled)

3) Veeam 8.0 updated to patch2 installed on the backup server

4) Powercli installed on the backup server (You can download it from vmware, I used 5.5 version, version 6 has just been released)

5) Disk space to use as a repository


What can you do with this script:

1) Reliably backup all VMs managed by a vmware host totally free

2) Restore of an entire VM, a single vmdk disk, file level granular restore

3) Having a report by email and html file of backups result

4) Compress the backups

5) Simplified management of data retention


What you CAN'T do with this script:

1) Manage incremental backups (all executed backups will be Full)

2) Take full advantage of Veeam deduplication

3) In general take advantage of all the advanced features of Veeam


Features to implement:

1) Error handling



  1. install Veeam
  2. Add the host to backup inside veeam
  3. Configure parameters within the script (host ip, credentials etc.)
  4. Schedule the script execution inside the task scheduler (It must be launched via PowerCLI)



If you have any questions or suggestions, write a comment, Thank you!

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