Free tool for converting OST to PST

I have searched for a long time a free software that can convert an .ost file (outlook cache file) to a .pst file; all the ones that I've found till now were all paid software but lately it happened for the umpteenth time that I have to recover data from an .ost file and looking on google I found this tool and I must say it is first of all, truly free (not like so many others that are free as long as you do not have to start the conversion….) and, secondly, It works really well and it's idiot proof.
I'll post the link below and will also put a picture of the really simple interface that does not really need explanation:

The software can be found here:

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  2. OST2 is NOT free if you want to convert more than a very minimal amount of data. You are encouraged to purchase it to get full use. Pretty dishonest as usual by these software purveyors. Still looking for a genuinely free unlimited program to convert ost to pst. Would consider paying for a program if honestly advised of limitations.

  3. I tried OST2 free version but exported limited data from OST to PST format. As you told that it’s free but when I contacted to OST2 Team regarding the same they suggest me to buy a license. I also tried other software and found MailsDaddy OST to PST converter good as per my budget. I downloaded this tool from their official website-

  4. OST2 isn’t free, only 5 items will be converted for each mailbox. Why they said “The only Free OST to PST Converter in the market.” on their website ?